School Bag vs Knife – Self Defense

Having to face an attacker holding a knife is an extremely dangerous situation to be in. No one really wants to be in this situation, right? Right, however, no one …

9 thoughts on “School Bag vs Knife – Self Defense

  1. Eyal Yablonka says:

    seriously? you got stabbed multiple times on both tries. stop making these videos that encourage people with no experience to face an aggressor holding a knife. or at least let more professional people do the teaching. my suggestion to anyone in this situation is to run for it.

  2. darkbladesinger says:

    If you haven't demo with a back pack I think that would be cool to show also. I have to ask I've seen a few of your videos. Do you have wing chin training or maybe jest kune do? Keep up the good work on the videos they are great

  3. RickyJnum1FAN says:

    yeah theres never really defense against a knife…its all about getting away without getting too cut up thats the truth any other video that says you can defend against a knife is impossible unless if you can read the attackers mind and know what hes going to do and when he is going to do it…

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