Scary Scary Cab Ride

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30 thoughts on “Scary Scary Cab Ride

  1. Dohn Joe says:

    A large percent of people put their guns in the glove box. It's stupid and unsafe, but they do it. My neighbor learned the semi hard way that it was a bad idea during a strongarm robbery attempt. He thought for a moment he was dead, because he couldn't very well climb up in his truck and get the gun out of the glove box without being shot. Luckily when the guy pulled his hands out of his hoody pockets he presented only fists and was met with a loosened jaw and humiliating laughter.

  2. Crashtian says:

    I was also in Louisville for the NRA meeting. I didn't encounter any crazy cab drivers though. I saw a plethora of handguns that I wouldn't be able to own in California…. My personal highlight of the show was seeing Lt. Col Dave Grossman speak. The man is a firecracker.

  3. Rick Pappas says:

    I hope you encouraged him to join the NRA! I personally try to get everyone I meet to join the GAO or the NRA; especially, if they own firearms. Stay safe and I'll see you down the road.

  4. Suburbannite says:

    when i enter some place that doesn't allow guns i put mine in my glove box, but i only do so because the glove box actually has a lock on it, its not the sturdiest of locks but its better than a typical glove box that doesn't have one

  5. KingDeezy734 says:

    Billy, I've referenced many people I know to your videos. You'd be surprised how many people believe just going to the store, and buying a gun, then taking it home and stuffing it into a box is the norm. So many people I've talked believe they're now safe for the simple fact they obtained a firearm

  6. chadholl says:

    I can't tell you how many people I have seen carry FMJs in defensive pistol. At least you splained it to him. Hopefully he took it in the knowledge you dropped, doubtful though.

  7. George Soulier says:

    VERY nice job, Billy. I'm sure it was a bit awkward, however you handled it well. Everyone starts somewhere, but not everyone learns correctly. Encouragement and support go a long ways; berating and questioning his choices don't help. You demonstrated knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as good suggestions for him to act on if he chooses.

  8. Bryce P says:

    I feel like there are a lot of people like that. They think off body carry is fine and have fmj rounds loaded because they're cheap. Was the cabi's 26 loaded in the glovebox?

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