SCARY FAST KARAMBIT Knife | FOX 599 | Ep. 3 of 4

New FOX 599-XT Karambit knife: New FOX 599-XT Karambit knife and Trainer Set: Original FOX 599: …

48 thoughts on “SCARY FAST KARAMBIT Knife | FOX 599 | Ep. 3 of 4

  1. HowellDiesel says:

    Doug is a great teacher but I feel so disadvantaged with a single-edge Karambit. like what is the point of using the clock system when only one side will cut? the impact of the weapon isn't enough to stun someone rushing you. You're so limited to what you can do compared to having a traditional double edged karambit.

  2. B Epps says:

    I've been looking to get a folding karambit. And I like the idea of the pressure point manipulation and impact with the blade closed. That's the main reason I want a folder. But my concearn is with the Emerson wave feature. That's great for quick deployment, but wouldn't the "wave" impale your finger upon impact if striking with it while closed?

  3. Kato 忍者 says:

    Waiting on the All new Improved 600 Series XT Karambit cant wait its gonna be better than the 599 XT
    HURRY AND DESIGN IT I wanna Buy One!!
    the 599 XT is just the prototype for the 600 XT MODEL

  4. A.C.A:1995 says:

    Bare handed against a wing chun guy they would somehow stand toe to toe. But if bare handed against a brazilian jiu jitsu or mma guy he would easily get taken down. But give him a knife in his hand and hes lethal.

  5. silverbullet4747 says:

    Question: how sensitive is that wave feature? Does it NEED clothes to snag, or can you just flick it against anything to open the karambit? For example, your opponent's chin after an uppercut like the one at 4:11 in this video or some other exposed part during a strike (noticed that both guys in the video were wearing long sleeves–what if you both had t shirts on? There are less surfaces to hook then), or a pass over your free hand (the wave looks pretty hooked though, so if it does catch on bare skin I think I'd rather bruise/hook the other guy instead of myself). I know Doug said it'd scratch if it connects, but would it actually deploy if you opened your hand? I'm considering getting one for martial arts practice/self defense, so I'd appreciate it if anyone that owns/has used one can answer this.

  6. Smokey Nope says:

    Whats the song that plays during the second half of the video? (starts around 4:25)

    EDIT: Its apparently an insturmental from "King Reign – When My Eyes Closed" however i cant find the instrumental and at around 5:04 it starts to sound very different from the orignial. I also checked "Samuel Nevarez" soundcloud and while some of his stuff has a very similiar style, this particular instrumental isnt there.
    I hit a dead end, this song is so good but i cant for the life of me figure out what or where it is…

  7. Weed4daSoul says:

    Because of the way the FOX 599 blade deploys, would this knife be considered a switchblade?  I really want to buy one, but if I can't carry it in my state i'm not going to bother,

  8. Dalton King says:

    I have the Cold Steel Steel Tiger. LOVE IT…..but its too big and kind of impractical. I gotta grab one of those FOX karambits. I understand Cold Steel is releasing a folding karambit but it doesn't have the catch on the spine of the blade

  9. Joe Cannabyte says:

    I got the 479 and can't wait to get the trainer for it, love this fucking thing. so epic. I was carrying my ka-bar usmc short and a spyderco tasman salt (Still carry that for random-whatever stuff) but the 479 is a bigger version of this from my understanding, can't be by much. Can't beat the deployment!

  10. Koku Rou says:

    I recently purchased both from FOX, the 599 karambit trainer and actual knife, and Funker Tactical forgot to mention a very tiny but very important detail about the knife. While it's closed, you have the Emerson Wave feature facing away from you, but palm-side, there is a point. Not a sharp one, that's part of the "assisted opening" detail (when pushed, the blade is pushed out). That little point, when doing that little flail, if you hit something, that point can leave a real nasty mark or gash.

  11. ConfusionFusion says:

    damn im just curious how to adjust accordingly sense im left handed..and 90% of the time i would be faced with a right handed attacker, im commenting on all these videos to get an answer or some advice in someway, (i DO have martial arts Exp)

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