30 thoughts on “Scalpel vs Hatchet – Which is Better in a FIGHT?!

  1. blacktree666 says:

    Most people in the gun culture should be wise enough to realize that ARs and AKs both have their merits. It's my opinion that most of these "AR vs AK" fanboys are wannabes, i.e. the "gun community".

  2. Renaissance Jack says:

    I wouldn't call the AR a scalpel…more like a knife. Still, good analogy. They're both good and bad in their own way, but like Miyamoto Musashi once said "It is the mind, not the sword that cuts".

  3. Joel Schriver says:

    James Yeager coming to see you soon. The one positive we can get from this shit is talking the girlfriend/brother/sister whoever into training and carrying. Shit is about to get there.

  4. Shoudday Cha says:

    Only in the Internet world that's when people debate about these type of hot topic.

    If some Internet Ak47/AR Keyboard warrior ask you if you prefer Ak or AR over the Internet. In his head he WANT you and EXPECT you to say you prefer the gun he prefer because that is what he WANT TO HEAR. If you say you prefer the opposite gun that's when he go Keyboard Warrior on you and try to make you feel bad or whatever.

    When come to face to face nobody is gonna walk up to you and say something like,"Dude. Why you using Ak/AR? That shit sucks. Get a Ak/AR instead."

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