Sayoc 3 of 9 Vital Template



The Sayoc 3 of 9 Vital Template is the first thing that is usually taught to new students in the Sayoc system. This segment shows the base template. The rest of …

21 thoughts on “Sayoc 3 of 9 Vital Template

  1. John Merchant says:

    I attended Chris Sayoc's Seminar in 2004 at the Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles, CA. I am very impressed with Sayoc Kali.  I think it's the best knife attack and defense system that I've ever seen. I've attended several other seminars and watched many vids on knife self defense.  I am 6'4" and was 230lbs when I attended this seminar.  I was paired with a woman, 5'6" and about 125lbs.  I tried to cut her with my rubber knife and she was able to block all of my attacks.  I am a former competitive boxer, kickboxer, judo and have trained in a lot of submission grappling such as BJJ, CSW, Catch as Catch Can, Western Wrestling, etc.

  2. Alex Fiske says:

    Very cool Mr. Burgee. I always enjoyed the catch wrestling vids, but I never knew you also uploaded these Sayoc clips. Thanks for providing such a wealth of content!

  3. TimberBlay says:

    I am a multi-system martial artist and I don't know why there are critics of this but I can tell you that Silat/Kali/Sarong training is an essential addition to your CQC training. Bladed and flexible weapon training is a way to keep your less than lethal options open while improving eye/hand coordination. While I carry a side arm, I keep my CQC skills up to date. Thankfully my CQC to date, have kept me (by the grace of God) from needing to use my side arm. For the grapplers, the flow drills are a new way to see how we do lockflow in the grappling arts. When you see how easily a bladed/edged or even merely a wooden tool can change the ground game, you gain greater awareness.

  4. crypsisjim says:

    True, but what if those shots don't land? You go on to the next one. It would be silly to fire one off and then look and wait to see if it has had any effect before you try agin. That's what combos are for. It's the same in empty handed techniques.

  5. goh rain says:

    umm… i'm pretty sure after the first couple of attacks the dude is goin down… i don't think you'd even get the chance to finish some of these combos before the dude is on the ground bleeding everwhere

  6. nido says:

    could someone please explain to me… do we have an internal & external Jugular existing on both left and right?.. all anatomy pics I have viewed have the Int. to the right & Ext. to the left.. yet here #1 is Ext. is right and Int. to the left.

  7. USLethal says:

    @thesatanikorder666 No. The "reciever" could easily turn into the feeder. What is being represented here is the basics of the system, like a jab in boxing. The more you study Sayoc, the more layers get peeled off and you learn to dominate and take the "feeder" role even though you don't have the knife initially. In the end, it's your knife. He's just holding it. Many critics know very little of the actual Sayoc system.

  8. Wavemaninawe says:

    I've only studied bits & pieces of Sayoc but my experience from this and other systems is that you often need to counter to do a good offense. Many of the drills are for the feeder to learn to bypass a trained defense. People don't want to get stabbed so they will try to deflect of block the knife as best they can, the feeder learns to counter this more effectively. None the less… the receiver still develops defensive skill by working the drill. So you get 2 for 1.

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