20 thoughts on “SAS Fighting Training

  1. Stubba1961 says:

    There's some bullshit being posted here by armchair warriors. Both of these guys are former SAS combat veterans trained to levels most mouthpieces here couldn't reach let alone endure!  Both of these guys have put this stuff into practice all over the world not just in a dojo as the Iranians found out when these guys stormed their embassy.

  2. Javi Martinez says:

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  3. Jack says:

    He does it so calmly, FUCK getting into a little scrap with him.
    Would love to do SAS training, its so hard though, they starve you and beat the shit out of you and then leave you in a forest for a week and make sure you can survive.

  4. Brady2k10 says:

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  5. Brady2k10 says:

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  6. BPo75 says:

    Just two things here… this IS martial arts. Not martial sports, not competitional or showing off.
    Secondly, those you are looking at here are the real deal, serving with the Regiment for quite some time. If they trust these techniques, you can be assured it works for them.

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