SAS Dissarm Demo against Knife Attacks Part 1.wmv

The SAS use simple Jiu Jitsu/similar dissarm techniques that do the job. Focus on the wrist and the attacking arm. Feet on the ground stuff.

4 thoughts on “SAS Dissarm Demo against Knife Attacks Part 1.wmv


    Most people believe the army's hand to hand combat methods are deadly stuff just because of the fact its military. But in reality soldiers rarely to never get into hand to hand combat confrontations. Fighting is done with guns, rifles, grenades and bombs. Not with your bare hands! Because of this, and the fact that there is limited time in which to prepare new recruits, military actually only spends a very limited time practicing hand to hand combat. Most of the hand to hand training is suprisingly aimed at making the soldiers aggressive. Not to learn actual techniques. Regardles, any serious self defense expert would advice against these techniques. They will get you killed.

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