SAS bodyguarding- close combat

Eddie Stone and John MacAleese demonstrate techniques used to protect VIPs in a knife attack.

20 thoughts on “SAS bodyguarding- close combat

  1. Rance davis says:

    believe this or not guys, methods that the sas use are tried and tested in real combat in real life or death situations, its not like they are fooling you with wire acrobatics doing somersaults like 80,s ninja bollox. this is real world life or death tried and tested defence from a knife attack. if the sas says it works then you better dam believe it. this is the thing with youtube everybody on here claims to be a 20 time world champion at ass kicking and would no doubt even kill bruce lee at the blink of an eye had he still be around. sas dont fight for trophies guys they fight to kill.

  2. MErazoPT says:

    Amazing how now days, , if anyone gives an opinion, like they do,usually begin the response to your post/opinion with look asshole. Or, get your head out of your ass, faggot, etc. Incredible how people think that what they say, is the only gospel truth. Or, because of a limited vocabulary, they resort to insults before explaining, "there why" this should work like this and like that.
    Everyone has a right to an opinion however, that does not mean that every single person's opinion is correct. People who resort to insults, would do much better to just say, well…that, in my opinion, is hard to pull off but, I think there is a better way. Believe me, you will get a little a much better response that way. Insulting someone, will just end up in a back and forth situation, with no end. It feels as if the people who enter these channels and immediately begin with fuck you's and, you do not know shit!, are not there, to see if what is being shown, works or do not work. Or, for that matter, never even try it in practice. Their time is spent, looking for channels, to challenge anyone, as a keyboard warrior "in some cases". Those people are incredibly tough over the computer.

  3. MErazoPT says:

    Whether grabbing the wrist or, whatever fantasy techniques you name or know of a better one, when dealing with a knife, no "guarantees" A boxer, typically begins, at a very early age, for most. Which means that they have that jab, hook, uppercut, among other techniques, down to a science. Have you seen a boxer, never get hit, on their face or body. in a fight? Only the ones who knock out their opponent, within a round, quickly. So, no matter how much we practice, there is still the chance of getting hurt or killed. So, save your "I know a better technique" Or this guy is full of shit" and so on. NO GUARANTEES…

  4. MErazoPT says:

    Hand to hand combat, is a secondary tool for soldiers. Why , if they have guns, knife, should they go hand to hand? So, for someone in any channel, to start analyzing and criticizing techniques, is really uncalled for.
    There are some videos, that are ridiculous but some have no idea, who John MacAleese was, within the S.A.S. Especially if you have never been in combat. Killing ants, as you walk, does not count as a trained assassin or, criticizing, behind the keyboard. We all would like to see your amazing self defense/offense techniques, that will make all of us, a super human. What do you want people to do on these videos, have someone attack and really cut them or have someone, swing a bat on them, for real? There is so much you can do, to make it seem real. Ever since MMA, became popular, all of a sudden there are many keyboard military soldiers, talking crap. The reality is, martial arts, may help increase our chances, of not getting hurt, seriously hurt or, even death but none of it, is guaranteed. We can only train to become better and improve ourselves, overall.

  5. Chrid Boi says:

    No, just no this wouldn't happen. I respect members of the UKSF and have friends in some spooky regiments but this, just no. By the first move I instantly knew that this shit wouldn't work. Grabbing a knife attackers wrist? Nope sorry, not gonna happen without at least some form of deflection first.

    Knife attack defences go like any fight does. Get the fuck in or get the fuck out. Dive in trying to get some form of control to the knife or back the fuck up and go for your sidearm. If they have already drawn the knife and trying to target you to get to the guy you are protecting, you won't be able to draw as they'll probably already be too close so you're pretty fucked. This is the problem with most fighting styles, they rely on fixed situations.

    0:18 seconds, you wouldn't be able to grab his wrist because he probably wouldn't attack like that anyway and if you did grab his wrist, say goodbye to your functioning arm because it would be pretty much useless when that knife goes through it.
    0:25 he wouldn't stand there and let you do that. The second that you grabbed his wrist he would of been all over you. Pulling back or simply pushing his wrist down again to slip your grip and stab you. Maybe a punch to the face. Just no.
    0:32 What if you have a big motherfucker? His weight and height are going to yank his knife hand out of your grip so he can give a warm welcome to your legs.
    0:36 So he is just going to keep his arm there yeah? No movement? No pulling away? AND YOU ARE GOING TO SWITCH HANDS, WTF he is getting that knife hand active again no matter what. You are better off holding that hand for dear life with everything you have and stomping the fuck out of his head against the concrete.

  6. Sandro Bindelli says:

    Meh…looks all fun and games when you know your exercise partner is not going to stab you, a lot different when the opponent in an alley comes at you lashing furiously with his knife trying to actually stab/cut you while also attempting to punch/kick/grapple you for real.

  7. Tutorial King says:

    all these experts in the comments boxes. in that type of situation, it's do or die. you may have a shot at survival with techniques like that and obviously it's slowed down to demonstrate the technique, with practise, you can obviously act faster and faster and be on point with better reaction timing in a real situation.

  8. Yoadel says:

    So knife fights are 'common' where you come from. Putting on a jacket when your cold is common sense, tying your shoelaces so you don't trip is common sense. What works in a knife attack… Not so much pal. Unless you live in glasgow

  9. Мейсу Семпай says:

    Completely pointless given the speed and brutality of a real knife attack. Nobody stabs downwards at 2 km/h if they know anything about what they're doing, and there's no way you will ever have the reflexes or strength to grab someone's wrist in mid-stab knowing there's a blade being stuck towards your organs. Compound this with the fact that it's simple to just pass the knife to your second hand if the defender is concentrating on the other…

    There is no "defense" an unarmed person can take against a knife attacker who is really looking to wreck some shit. The only defense is to run or grab a weapon that provides you with longer range.

  10. danvanbelk1 says:

    It was great to learn crazy stuff like it only talked 6 pounds of pressure to rip somebody's ear off from top to bottom, and if u do that the fight is over cause balance comes from the ear, so if u rip it off they can't stand up, theses guys don't fight, they survive anyway they need to

  11. danvanbelk1 says:

    These guys are serious guys, I trained in Martial arts since I was 11, I hold a black belt at Karate, a black sash in Wing Chung, and have trained in Brazilian JiuJitsu for many years, I attended a CQB (close quarters battle course run by 22 SAS as I work as a bodyguard, I have to say I learned more on this two week course than I ever did in Martial arts, I got my arse kicked when they found out I was a martial artist, it was awesome to train with them

  12. Raf Gas says:

    you can use your arm (that has a bigger surface area) to block the hand or arm.
    and then you can have control and with the other arm catch the hand if u want, or set up for a throw or anything u like

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