Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu Techniques part3



Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu Techniques by Grand Master George Logan From CT School of Survival from(248 Farmington ave Suite207, Hartford, CT 06105) A …

37 thoughts on “Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu Techniques part3


    Enjoyed. Thank you for posting. Growing up in projects and taking up martial arts out of necessity. 36 years later and presently a 7th degree blackbelt still training actively. I appreciate some one teaching a no nonsense practical suburban real world application of ju jitsu. Keep up good work.

  2. M Kyoshi says:

    Not so in real live….Attacker is alive and moving. "Martial Artist" today have forgotten between FICTION in class, and REAL LIFE actions….

  3. Richard Luntz says:

    I always read the comments after watching vidios like this . I notice that some readers say things like " this is great but will not work in the street"-to them i say- watch vidio and take what is needed. if you take the movements piece by piece you can use them as the situation calls for. You might be up against 2-so you strike at one disable him go to other -using what is available to you-i.e. grab the nerves on the face as you smash him and get out….MThe instructor her Mr Logan is showing a complete movement -its a teaching vidio……..JMHO Ari of Executive self defense

  4. Dean Miller says:

    I studied in this tradition or style. It is very traditional and although it does have effective techniques they will only work at or near the beginning of a conflict. Once the first few strikes are used up the fight is on, and then its grappling and ground n pound..just like any street fight. Its a good style but mostly for training in discipline and toughness, not really meant for squared off brawling.

  5. Tim Blaylark says:

    I'm not going into my resume. I will say this in methodology of or for fighting there's few truths.
    1. It's the teacher you have, not the style.
    2.It's how the teacher breaks your training up. i.e. street, ryu, cage. So that all aspects are covered.
    3. You as a martial artist/fighter must choose to train and retain that information.
    4. You need quality training partners at some point in your training.
    5. You need to spar so that you understand what you can realisticly do or not.
    6. It's not the art its the artist.
    7. You need all 3 aspects for fighting in your body. Street – throw out the rules and make it home. Train to fight multiple man scenarios and with weapons. Ryu-that is the art and the art teaches you balance of body and mind. Cage, push yourself to find out what you'll do one on one, it will help you better define what is art and what is effective. Not because your sensei, coaches or someone else told you, but for yourself.
    I'm not here to bash anyone, I'm just saying that as martial artist and people who claim to be on the warrior path, we are required to step out of our comfort zones during training. Doing so creates the humility that is supposed to be an integral part of the arts but seems to be greatly missing since the advent of the UFC era.

  6. foxybrown2 says:

    These techniques will  work if they are in ingrained in your reflex .You see the problem I have with people who say that this won't work in the ring is that you are right, but this was not designed for the ring. The element of surprise wins in the street. People who usually attack do not square off like they do in the ring they come at you with everything they have to take  you out. there for they make stupid mistakes. And  majority for trained fighters don't get into street fights anyway.

  7. Pablito Carela says:

    AFKM?!!! Jeez! This is terrible! No one strikes like that, and no one will ALLOW you to do all this stuff, get real. You get 1 strike of the other guy will retaliate.

  8. Remnant Child of God says:

    It's easy to get on YouTube and talk shit. I take this fighting style in Huntsville Alabama and I challenge anyone of you racist faggots that's leaving these negative comments. Us! Mutha Fuckaz

  9. rljtemper says:

    I've studied japanese jujitsu which was good but with todays fighters mma or street fighting with people on drugs its all most impossible to get off any of these moves or pressure points clean,you need something hard and fast.

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