Sanrenmu 7092 SUX – PH – U.K Legal Carry Knife (£8.22)



LINK TO VERY SIMILAR KNIFE : —————————————————- Main Features: – 12C27 stainless steel blade and nylon + glass …

10 thoughts on “Sanrenmu 7092 SUX – PH – U.K Legal Carry Knife (£8.22)

  1. Doug C says:

    Quick question (unrelated) but I know most your dusters, but have you ever been able to purchase any online? I'd love to collect them but I couldn't make any no good at that kind of thing

  2. Captain Electro says:

    I've taken an interest in non locking knives lately. In public I can carry whatever I want, but my job is sort of connected to a government airport and they have a "no weapons " policy. Basically you know concealed carry of firearms is not allowed. But they don't give a description of what else is not allowed at work, they only have a picture with the outline of a gun which looks like a beretta. Good thing I don't carry a beretta. The picture also has a fixed blade looking kabar type knife and a needle and some pills to represent drugs. So I guess you take your drugs before work and only carry your revolver and a folding knife?

  3. Mad Dog Survival says:

    For a Uk legal carry that looks really good and great value! Definitely worth a look! Thanks for sharing this brother! I'll definitely be looking at buying one of these! Best wishes friend

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