42 thoughts on “sanji two-knives style

  1. KairoWars says:

    I agree well sanji is not accustumed to train with his arms like zoro, but if sanji had trained like zoro with his arms he would beat him or fight agaist zoro at the same level

  2. brotherhoodpresident says:

    you are right it is true that sanji is seen as being the 3rd of the 3 power houses of the crew but he has beaten every one who has came his way no matter what he is very skilled and has trained with his technique as well plus he knows precision with bladed weapons if he chose to use them but it is not his area of combat like zoro so he would probably lose and even though he is 3rd in the crew he is equal to zoro as zoro does not become rivals with people below him it is a very close fight

  3. brotherhoodpresident says:

    if you want to get technical on that it states that robins bounty is 80,000,000 but she is listed as being weaker than sanji and also choppers bounty was only 50 evn though we all know he is way above that the bounty is the marines opinion of the pirate and also think of all the times luffy has beaten someone with a higher bounty same thing goes with all the straw hats so remember this the next time you use bounties as an example

  4. reallyyou kidd says:

    FFS people stop pissing me off with these stupid ass comments especially when it is explained in the show sanji does not use his hands in combat cause if they got damaged it would ruin his ability to be a cook cooks cut food the reason sanji uses knives in this fight is because the chef uses food as a weapon creating a one off situation sanji is not a swordsman never will be so stop comparing him to zoro swords are his job unarmed combat so to speak is sanjis job unarmed meaning feet only

  5. NM6467 says:

    Sanji would never cut anything unless its food. Different values than Zoro who cuts people down. So if your up for Sanji fighting with sword again its useless, he will never fight using his hands with a knive or a sword.

  6. Sloth Of Sins Harlequin says:

    wow the super zoro fanboy here is having a heart attack over such trivial matters XD… u r right zoro has trained with swords for a long time but sanji has also been cooking for a long time also and of course he uses knives for some of this so that means he is well acquainted with the workings of those knives just as much as zoro with swords correct.. so as u can see from this video sanji could be a very good swordsman if he wanted in my opinion marimo XD

  7. Tina H says:

    hahaha thats so funny^^ whats with that attitude?
    who can say whos stronger if they didnt even fight against each other? its useless to think about it, everyone could be right, its up to oda what would happen

  8. Lotusblossomz says:

    I'm not saying that they aren't equal, I'm saying that their body strength is in different area's of their bodies. Sanji doesn't spend the amount of time Zoro does training his upper body.

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