Sands of Salzaar – (Open World Sandbox) [part 7]



Sands of Salzaar on Steam: part 1: Bringing you to an exotic …

5 thoughts on “Sands of Salzaar – (Open World Sandbox) [part 7]

  1. duwe kapak says:

    I've been playing this since eps 4, and now im on 300+ days. Haha, time flies so fast in this world.

    Couple of tips,

    there are some active talent, like the formations, it is advisable to take only talent that u will benefit the most. It is hard to gain prestige later. Now I have 60+ prestige. Pretty much a lot, but better if u wasn't wasting any point(s).

    The other characters will leveled up as the game progress, which maxed at level 20. And they will have maxed out item, such as ash armor, trinkets, weapons and etc. So my suggestion is, to stack up gifts, and give them once they reach level 20. The best character to have (read: bribe) is the one that ur enemies have, they will have lower armies to be dealt with. U don't need to maintain character such as repairing broken weapon and etc.

    U will find it hard mid game, especially when enemies keep attacking ur cities/outposts. It is better to have peaceful mid game.

    Keep stacking money, attack bandits everytime u r low on money. And buy woods and ironstone everytime u come to cities and outposts. U will need lots of woods to upgrade. For an example, upgrading trader caravan from level 2 to level 3 requires 4000 woods if im not mistaken. It will be a real struggle once u have a vast empire.

    Use teleport scroll to teleport to your city when it is attacked. U don't actually need to put characters to become the admin. As u will lose ur warehouse capabilities. They can't hold the cities alone, as enemies will attack with 2-5 characters at once.

    U will get notified when ur enemies attacking other cities, other than ur cities, that is the best time to attack their base, prioritizing their cities instead of outposts is much better, since u will have tons of upgrade available.

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