Sanatan Shastar Vidiya – The Chakar /Chakram

The History Channel investigate whether a Chakar can chop off a limb as recorded in historical texts. Nihang Niddar Singh demonstrates the use of the Chakar …

25 thoughts on “Sanatan Shastar Vidiya – The Chakar /Chakram

  1. Zeryk says:

    Love Sikh people. They are a religion built by warriors, defenders of india from the Muslim invasions. May they have strength to keep india indian. Love from the U.S.!

  2. Pedantic Pete says:

    Very cool but a limb is not firm and brittle as a sugar cane. Limbs give in a bit slowing the overall impact. I’d like to see it on something similar to a human limb like a pigs thigh.

  3. ツA 1 says:

    #1; It has no piercing ability.
    #2; It's extremely wide making it the easiest to block.
    #3; It has gross wasted weight.

    AT BEST; it was good against unarmed and naked civilians. Wearing cloth clothes.

  4. deadfrontier240 says:

    To the average brainwashed western Sikh in the comment who wants Khalistan, this video isn't for you. This video is about the real Sikhs who know where they come from and what there traditions are. To the rest of them, please stay where you ran away to and shut your mouths up like your cowardly ancestors did when they decided to run. The real Sikhs are tired of the bs that comes out of your mouth when you open it. Don't even know their origins and these idiots want Khalistan. What you'll get is a bullet in your ass.

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