SAMI Knife – Disarming Drill 01 (SAMICS Daily Training)

SAMI Knife Fighting Concept is a sophisticated close combat system which focuses on the knife and its use for self-defense. The constant improvement of SAMI …

16 thoughts on “SAMI Knife – Disarming Drill 01 (SAMICS Daily Training)

  1. Упсарин Ц says:

    I dare you! . Go and try this to some real low life criminal scum, let alone a trained knife fighter. You are deadmeat! Stop showing these fantasies on youtube, cause some kid might try to do it in real life and you are the responsible one for getting the kid killed. If i see a knife pulled out to me i fucking RUN.

  2. Victor Mace says:

    You are NOT going to be able to pick off an attacker's slash in mid-air.

    Just seeing this video and you for the very first time renders you an non-credible source.

    I won't even bother watching the rest of the video.

  3. T C says:

    I question this…a lot. Keeping with adage of training how one will fight/defend.


    Conceptually once weapon is on outside of defender it should stay there…never bring/allow it back on to center line. Now this is a repeated drill with idea of training reflex…


    Again this technique assume a lot.
    At :53 you take for granted that you've identified the knife…as one sided glade. If not Shirley, you cut you hand to bone. Further, the techniques obsession with weapon, exposes defender so blatantly, that even a novice knife wielding goon (attractive combatant) has incapacitating strike to defenders head.

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