SAMI Axe & Tomahawk – Basic Strikes



The axe, is one of the oldest weapons of mankind. However there are very few training sets for this kind of weapon. SAMI Tomahawk Fighting Concept is an …

5 thoughts on “SAMI Axe & Tomahawk – Basic Strikes

  1. Russel De Los Santos says:

    The main thing about handling an axe or any weapon is not about the punch and pull, slice diagonal and all that stuff. It's more about the HANDLING the weight of your weapon effectively in order for the weapon to flow and get a good stick to your hands and also the FOOTWORK which clearly not in the video. No hate, btw. Thanks for the effort.

    You can also train for those things but the only strikes that matters is the 8 or 12 strike(clock) pattern and the poking for long range using the clock pattern depends on the opening. If you don't want to injure your opponent badly, you can only slice their lower body and arms. NEVER chop unless it is a life and death situation.

    I have used my axe as a tool and also a weapon in our province.

  2. Soul Chicken says:

    How do you deal with the weight of an actual hatchet? Most real, working tomahawks are very top heavy. Reversing course during a swing can be difficult. Is there a better way around that?

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