Sambo vs Two Street Fighters – Fight Analysis

A great fight sent by a fan. This takes place somewhere in Eastern Europe. In this fight, a guy with some kind of MMA experience takes on two opponents.

21 thoughts on “Sambo vs Two Street Fighters – Fight Analysis

  1. Ethan Chaney says:

    I don’t know why you’re guessing Sambo. It literally just looks like a normal MMA fighter that’s really good at wrestling. It could be, but it’s honestly just MMA in general.

  2. Michel Chaman says:

    So I've really been binging your channel lately. I have a question I realize most of the stuff I'm seeing is street fights, do you think you could ever find anything on swords or fencing? That'd be super cool. Thank you.

  3. - JustMaxPirk says:

    Lol that kick was not a set up planned thing it was completely improvised when his punch missed. If he tried to go on the ball of his foot he would have fallen over. That was perfect, basically. Punch misses, throws a kick so to not waste the momentum.

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