SAM FISHER Fighting Style | Splinter Cell Conviction Fight Scene



Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this FIT-GAMER Fight Move, we take a look at the “Bathroom Interrogation” scene in Splinter Cell Conviction. Sam disarms his opponent …

33 thoughts on “SAM FISHER Fighting Style | Splinter Cell Conviction Fight Scene

  1. The SaltySailor says:

    I hate the fact that the technique while it works in movies definitely wouldnt work irl, so much has to go right in that situation. But it's a video game who am I to hate on fighting techniques of a fictional enviroment, still a badass scene in a less than average game.

  2. Blender Geek says:

    The only problem I can see in this is when he drops the mag Sam has very little control. He had just hit him in the face but as experienced fight would have taken advantage of that

  3. Andy Rodriguez says:

    Hey bro, I noticed you mainly teach Filipino martial arts, which is awesome don't get me wrong. But the disarm method I just saw aside from the game, looked a bit like Krav Maga. Forgive me if I'm mistaken

  4. Sly Marbo says:

    The entire time you're "overwhelming him" with strikes, he still maintains a hand on the firearm, and it is still precariously close to the leg… a limb that caries several major blood vessels, and very necessary bones that can be easily shattered with even a 9mm at that range, let alone any of the many magnum rounds the Desert Eagle is chambered for. Stripping the weapon seems a hell of a lot more vital.

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