SafeGuard Stealth Pro Body Armor Review Part 1 of 2.

This is a review of the Safe Guard Stealth concealable Level 2 Body Armor. This is an excellent product with great features and excellent protection from the …

19 thoughts on “SafeGuard Stealth Pro Body Armor Review Part 1 of 2.

  1. BeenReady says:

    ~ I am a 5'9, 285 lb male. I ordered from safe guard, a Level III + II/spike. I got the EXACT same Vest/Carrier in XXL and my flaps overlap, considerably… This product is Very High Quality & VERY Comfortable to wear in 100+ deg. weather. Plus it conforms Nicely with a Condor EXO carrier w/ Level III+ AR500 (F,B,S) steel plates…(11X14 / 6X8)

  2. Muzzle Brake says:

    I paid $650 for a level 3a, level 2 anti stab version of this for concealable wear. What bugged me so much about this is they sent it in an armor bag from the U.K. No box or container.

  3. Eric Lopez says:

    I work in a job that requires me to be around people all the time like up close. I wear white dress shirts tucked into my black pants. How concealed will this vest be. Would you recommend this to me? Considering what I wear to work. My white dress shirts are kind of baggy not to much except 3. I really need to buy a vest.

  4. Jaybird196 says:

    Is the kevlar affected negatively, in any way, by moisture (sweat or otherwise)? And, what kind of protection could one reasonably expect from rifles and knife thrusts? Out here, in the country, in a WROL situation those might be your biggest threats.

  5. Paracord Weaver says:

    Nice review, Thanks for sharing. I went to their site. It was easy to navigate and find the product. Looks like good protection for the overall cost and peace of mind.
    Cost for Level IIIa Ballistic and Level II Edge Blade, Spike Level II was over $806

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