SafeGuard Ghost Body Armor Review

This is a review of the Ghost Bullet proof body armor. Safeguard has upgraded the carrier to reduce even more weight on this ballistic vest. The Ghost I reviewed …

30 thoughts on “SafeGuard Ghost Body Armor Review

  1. Joshua Sidell says:

    Hey +Reality Survival I am currently in the process of getting my guard card. A few employers at malls and for general hotel security are offering jobs and I am looking to get a concealable west that I could wear for 8+ hours at a time. Would you recommend the Ghost or Stealth? I plan on opting for level 2 in bullet, edge and spike protection. 

  2. Oddie Smith says:

    Bro….. You rock !!!!   Im in law enforcemant and I do security on the side so I watched your infomative video…. I ordered the "Ghost" and it was just as you reviewed. Thanks again !!!! Nice to know theirs another survivalist out there. Keep it up….

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