Sadhguru on How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself



A student tells Sadhguru that whenever things are going well in her life, she starts feeling that things will soon fall apart. She asks Sadhguru how she can handle …

16 thoughts on “Sadhguru on How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

  1. george hazzard says:

    When lost soul don't like to born in body and flesh and the baby born the rope that gives food to baby tie it neck that's why pregnant women drink bitter melon too because Satan witches don't like the baby born to transfer lost soul to a body. But our midwife always know how to turn it.

  2. Andreas Byczkowski says:

    Wow, India has a national/int’l treasure just like Tibet with Dalai Lama. Not saying they’re the only one’s, are absolutely’s perfect or that most other countries don’t also have theirs. Let these gifted people and more work together on remaining world problems using all their very thorough&deep studies, actually genuine care AND wonderfully bubbling humor!!!?

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