S.W.A.T Magazine TV Lost Episode #3: Breaching



When evil strikes inside a secure building, law enforcement needs to be able to get in and you need to get out! To get this episode started, ALERRT Facility …

39 thoughts on “S.W.A.T Magazine TV Lost Episode #3: Breaching

  1. John Smith says:

    Does the instructor have to be wearing full gear? I'm just curious because it doesn't seem like he needs to wear it all the time. Maybe just chuck it off on a table and stretch those shoulders out.

  2. Aaron Roberts says:

    SWAT = macho assholes on roids. The only time these fools come to help you is if you have the 1 in a million chance of being on the receiving end of a hostage scenario or an active shooting scenario. All the rest of the calls involve the police committing burglary, kidnapping, robbery, and so forth. No knock warrants are BS that have gotten so many innocent people murdered by these macho fucks. What would you do if somebody broke down your door unannounced? Invite them in for tea? Lay in the bed and wait to be their helpless victim? Or respond accordingly? Announce your presence as LE or face the repercussions

  3. goose1077 says:

    99% of the time, they are not breaching the door to help people inside. They are breaching the door to hurt the people inside. They want to take money from them or kidnap them and put them in a cage. Usually the people receiving this treatment have created no victims. There are 80,000 swat raids per year. The dogs that die are always innocent too. One every 98 minutes dies.

  4. taxiuniversum says:

    Though there is interesting information in this video, I do get the impression cop- and military work in the U.S. is a lot about "excitement" and "feeling badass" (note, for instance the choice of music used for these clips!).

    Both of these elements have no place in professional police work, I think – it more reminds of immature bullies on some school yard. The use of swat-teams has EXPLODED in America within recent decades for no good reason at all, and that may explain why the U.S. police produces such a horrifying body count, many of whom are persons, who posed no threat to the lives of anyone.

    The main person of any police intervention should be the citizen – and not some cop, who wants to feel big at the expense of others.

  5. TAC-Z says:

    Soldiers need to breech, cops need to KNOCK 
    All this no knock warrant shit has gotten way to many innocent people killed. Idiots go to the wrong house and kill an innocent man that thinks someone is breaking into his home. It is inexcusable. 

  6. richie rich says:

    Makes u wanna go and reinforce your doors and walls with 2 inch steel plating so these crooks can't brake into your place oh I like how they claim they r busting into your place for your safety

  7. caveirao101 says:

    Sandy Wall was with Houston PD SWAT was one of Texas best Swat operators and still is in very good shape. The League City PD officer needs to loose quite a few pounds if he wants to get through that door.

  8. thejoshbtv says:

    Im gathering its the side that the locks are on that has room around it for the ram guy to swing and duck behind cover. So he swings and then backs up behind the wall he is standing near.

  9. pirata613 says:

    Im part of the Safety & Security team at our hospital facility in El Paso,TX. I was wondering if you could help with information about active shooter training and law enforcement agancies that would help us. I have contacted local agaencies but was advised they dnt have a hospital training unlike malls or schools to offer us any training at this time

  10. ELITEHAMSTER123 says:

    If PDN is associated with SWAT mag then that is the furthest from the truth. Not everyone has to have a video that they dont support gun control, and PDN actually does more against gun control by teaching citizens how to properly use their firearms.

  11. Kevin Oubre says:

    What? This is absurd. half of the series is about how civilians can use firearms to defend themselves, especially within their home. Also, Rob Pincus, the head of the PDN, is one of the most vehement supporters of the second amendment out there and is very often in Congress lobbying for gun rights. There is no reason for them to put out a video about their position on gun control because anyone with half a brain can see they are against it.

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