RUSSIAN SYSTEMA of hand to hand combat – Fighting against a stronger opponent

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24 thoughts on “RUSSIAN SYSTEMA of hand to hand combat – Fighting against a stronger opponent

  1. John Radford says:

    It's weird a lot of people slag off wing chun but I have seen two separate guys use it in different situations, both won their fights with 30 seconds and both didn't get hit back in the process. I appreciate there are variables like what was the quality of individuals fighting.
    I personally love the efficiency of Brazilian ju jistu though, but on the street I am not sure. You really don't wanna be on the floor in a street fight if there is the potential of multiple attackers. It's horses for courses every art suits a different situation. But to say wing chun or karate don't work in UFC is a myth. Let's take karate loyoto machida and Connor mcgregor contradict that massive karate practioners . Wing chun examples here is a good one, vitor belfort vs wanderi silva is one of the best examples of wing chun chain punching use to win a fight you will ever see.
    So nothing is black and white as to say this works and that doesn't.

  2. Slotenmaker Den Haag SDH says:

    In real life it never works out this way. By the time you see the punch coming it will be too late. What you want is to develop the reflexes to come back after a potential hit. The best defense is the offense because it forces the other party to 'react' and reaction is always slower.

  3. n30455 says:

    Don't dis anything, take what you see is useful (and may work for you) and integrate it, practise and repetition, preferably with someone who can correct technique – you can't see everything, an instructor can see things you can't. In a fight you have no time to think, moves must be instantaneous from reaction / muscle memory. Sir, I like your techniques, thank you for the demo.

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