Russian Systema in a REAL FIGHT



26 thoughts on “Russian Systema in a REAL FIGHT

  1. xxxvader says:

    Lotta uninformed keyboard warriors in the comments section thinking this is fake. Perhaps you think this particular guy is a joke (no judgement here), but what is not funny is the fact that Systema is the one martial art taught to all Secret Service members. It’s primary goal is not to kill, but to disarm and neutralize a potentially lethal threat. The only ppl on earth, charged with protecting the most important person on the planet, will immediately risk their own life using this skill set, to protect the POTUS. FACTS.

  2. Dead Pool says:

    I’m really disappointed in this video there is nothing real about it, there’s no resistance and or a feeling a of danger. Make a video of you sparring with some mma guys. If ur not sparring with the top martial arts I doubt you’ll win a serious fight.

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