RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ TRAINING HAND TO HAND COMBAT ○ Наша группа вконтакте – ○ Наш Instagram …


  1. BrOOklynUP says:

    impressive to the civilians watching, but not to the real swat.
    Get this , every time they had a big time hostage situation with terrorists in Russia, these clowns from specnaz killed half of the hostages trying to get them out.
    Specnaz has power but no tactics .
    They be impressing school kids with this maskarad

  2. james fiaco says:

    Out of all the teachings one may learn here during life is that martial arts is by far the most beneficial, for it can be applied to every other aspect naturally and effortlessly. Martial arts is the fastest and most efficient way for one to learn their bodies capabilities and limitations therefore being able to become physically fit, mentally sound and spiritually balanced allowing them to express physical freedom. Which is key for one to start living up to the pleasure, potential and responsibility of femininity and masculinity at this level of body awareness one naturally actually has a self-control, discipline, loyalty, devotion, appreciation, respect, confidence and joyful determination to validate, confirm and signify that the are being true towards love honor and the creation of life. If one makes a conscious choice to live in accordance to validating love to the degree I mentioned it allows the subconscious to systematically coincide with the soul spirit mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world in the most efficient way that is humanly possible. Thus yielding the best spiritual kickback for one's efforts accomplishments experiences. Anything less is feebleminded physically inadequate and submissive subservient which it doesn't get any worse than that living and dying in that mannerism. For when one lives and dies having neglected the physical freedom they have had available all throughout their life a results in them being recognized internally and externally for all eternity throughout existence as spiritually sexually suppressed. Case closed mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing those facts protecting carrying compensating any wining souls or spirits that are freely connected to a life that does not do its best to improve upon and maintain the quality of it. You might want to take that point to Heart considering if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper it's not. So don't miss the deadline on becoming physically fit mentally sound spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom. Obviously high sources of nutrition will greatly increase one's physical freedom + formal education maybe some hands-on experience with the most extreme situations nursing homes daycare centers critical care units birthing centers. Group homes, jails, prisons, Army,, Navy Marine core, special forces, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports and fitness facilities. Whether you believe are not as secondary to the fact that each and every moment is spiritually accounted for. Obviously if you believe in a higher power form of God goddest then you would want to serve him the best life possible. The sad truth is thanks to a diminished quality of life from coast-to-coast globally people have been living dying for the last hundred 50 years or so to a diminished quality of life resulting in the worst spiritual kickback that has ever been manifested throughout the history of mankind. This diminished quality of life is primarily do to dirty low-paying jobs that come from outdated power sources inferior materials poisonous toxic substances pesticides chemicals that never change their killing composition which means whether it is a solid liquid burnt off into our airways atmosphere as a vapor is always going to be poisonous debilitating deadly to the body. At the same time polluting corrupting devastating to mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world. There is no profit to be made in the demise of the planet even far worse is the spiritual kickback that is manifested from inhaling petrified death 24 seven drinking using contaminated water using wearing the materials that are made cheap and inferior something like corrosive to the body that's what happens when you conduct business to the lowest standards of quality which is primarily America China India. In layman's terms You cannot promote life by doing business with material, resources and substances that have been scientifically classified religiously verified as petrified death or worse which all stem from coal, oil, gas and the chemical industry. It's not all gloom and doom. For we have the man/woman power to offset maybe even fully compensate all the damage that has been caused from dirty low-paying jobs. 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