Russian Spetsnaz Training – Cooper Test for Physical Strength and Endurance



Russian Spetsnaz Training physical test includes: Exercise #1: 10 regular push-ups. Exercise #2: 10 times – in the plank position – bring your legs to his chest …

34 thoughts on “Russian Spetsnaz Training – Cooper Test for Physical Strength and Endurance

  1. Alex Gempfer says:

    Failed to mention that that these 4 round Cooper normally done at the beginning and before the end of main physical or shooting range exercise routines, which also include random 3-5 km sprint.

  2. Cadete Viper says:

    between 4-7 cyclos is a good idea? I am 16 years old I have a very regular condition (nothing special) but I want to enter the armed forces of my country is a good idea to start?

  3. Mozambique Here says:

    I've actually been using this test for two weeks as a work out routine doing 10 cycles (100everything – pushups, situps, jumpsquats and etc)
    And I can see and feel some gains.
    Pretty good to work out using a test like this I think

  4. Raeesah Kazi says:

    I’m an age between 10-15 , I just don’t want to give away my age , and I can do all of this which means I have passed partly of the starter pack training , but to fully qualify for the elite force I would have to undergo serious battle tack tick training and some things which I may have never experienced ! So these steps to the elite team is like a walk in the park ! I am happy that I can at least take on this part of there training though !

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