Russian special forces hand to hand combat – training and combat

elite police special units — the main purpose of which is contact with the enemy at extremely close range — by definition must have a highly effective system of …

41 thoughts on “Russian special forces hand to hand combat – training and combat

  1. Landings Germany says:

    Вот это и останется России.Остальные умные и толантливые уедут с этой диградированной страны.
    Экономику кулаками не поднять!

  2. Luca International says:

    Who knows how many poor soldiers, or pupils-cadets are killed, reduced to death, remain impaired, during training, by veterans, instructors, in Russia. A country known for its absolute indifference and contempt for human life, both civil and military, comrades. Probably they are also a boast, who massacres more!

  3. latinoheat612 says:

    Those are recruits, speznats dont brawl, dont fuck around they try to finish an oponent fast and efficient, not so many people out have the skill they do, so fighting one on one spez vs spez would be a championship fight

  4. Zebadee says:

    Imagine being in a five man team behind enemy lines and one of your massive fat arsed body building mates gets dropped? Then you gotta drag his 18 stone lard arse out of it all. That's why slimer, smaller soldiers make better special forces than bodybuilding dudes with tattoos lol fact! An SAS recruit told me that years ago and it's why he failed his selection.

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