Russian and Ukrainian Cossack Sword Tradition

For all brainwashed Ukrainian nationalists who claim, Russia stole Ukrainian name Rus and was called Russian only after 1700. a) This is a world map from …

37 thoughts on “Russian and Ukrainian Cossack Sword Tradition

  1. laos asid says:

    Remember one thing kids. There's no such thing as russian cossacks. There are Ukrainian Cossacks and Russian wannabes. You can easily see that from the fact that the true Cossacks don't want anything in common with pathetic wannabes, while wannabes all the time try to associate with true Cossacks (just like in this video where original Ukrainian keepers of the ancient tradition from the sacred Island are showed along with some russian theatrical entertainment routine).

  2. борис бритва says:

    Потемкин разогнал запорожскую сечь как стадо пьяных баранов ни кто даже не сопротивлялся а казаки дона бились за свою землю с большевиками не один год еще квакаете что то на счет русского казачества

  3. Journey STAR says:

    the song sounded oddly familiar and I couldn't focus on the dancing until I finally realized why it sounded familiar.

    I played this song like 1000 times just so I wouldn't fucking mess up in the beginning, how could I forget this (horrible) song?! BECAUSE THIS SONG IS HELL TO PLAY, FUCK HALF BEATS FUCK 120 BPM. God I hate this song

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