Russia Will Take Over The World! This Knife is Why!



Beaver Knife what a fantastic name! A knife eats away at wood just like a beaver. And who doesnt like beaver? euh.. anyway, this custom knife made us two …

46 thoughts on “Russia Will Take Over The World! This Knife is Why!

  1. Dutch Bushcraft Knives says:

    OK SORRY PEOPLE… We did indeed make a mistake.
    Instead of batoning it said feathersticking. So to clear it all up, here are the grades:
    Batoning: 7,5/10
    Feathersticking: 8/10
    Firesteel scraping: 8,5/10
    And just for extra's, we didn't rate it in the video but the Carving capabilities is around: 7/10
    Cheers people

  2. Dideric Dideric says:

    How are you guys only getting less than 100k views a week later? Definitely one of my favorite channels on youtube and one of my only subscribed channels. DBK fans assemble! We must shill for the DBK Boys everywhere on the social medias and such. That is all.

  3. Rhetorical Answer says:

    This is like a Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic without the pommel and better steel. Even the grind toward the point is oddly almost exactly the same. If it just had the pommel it would be a done deal for me. dang.

  4. Артём Антипин says:

    God damn russians!
    Водка, медведи, шапка-ушанка, валенки!
    Кирилл Бобровский молодец, знает куда засылать годные именные ножи) Верной дорогой идёт!

  5. Derek Neumann says:

    Get that shit out of here!!! If you want a proper knife of any variation, especially in 3V convex grind….. BARK RIVER KNIVES, ESCANABA, MICHIGAN, USA….. they will change your life….. bring on the internet hate comments, I am ready…. but check yourself first. 🙂 🙂 Much Love DBK!

  6. 13thBear says:

    Wow, don't you guys have ANY IDEA how gay your video is? I would never, under any circumstances, buy your fairy knife. Your knife is "pretty OK?" You guys are a public embarrassment.

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