Running Away from a Knife Attacker

We have created many video clips on the topic of knife defense throughout the years. We realized that many people’s comment was “I would just run way!”.

27 thoughts on “Running Away from a Knife Attacker

  1. Spice Williams-Crosby says:

    If he wanted to kill you, he'd already stab you or pull the trigger….he wants something! You have enough time (seconds) to switch on and FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! You make such an important point, Nick! I hear all the time if a man is attacking a woman, just kick him in the balls or gouge his eyes out! Well, what if he's grabbed you from behind??? Every situation is different and if it happened too fast, your stuck and can't run, or you mismanaged your position, then use your legs for distance, parry fast & check, try to control the hand/weapon, but don't give them your "kill spots!" Then get the HELL out and RUN but don't turn your back without looking back!

  2. Spice Williams-Crosby says:

    Practical Street Smart Survival Skills!!! Yes, everyone gets cut….you just don't want to be the one that bleeds out!!!! Fight for Your Life and get the hell out! Great Video, Nick! Posting on I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE! Facebook page with your permission….

  3. nocturnalsam says:

    damn, I just found this dude and he's pretty awesome man. the one thing that slightly pissed me off though was the video about him teaching the self awareness, me being a guy that definitely has some work to do in that area, the video sounded awesome. I couldn't wait to see it, but then… I found out you have to pay for it, I get that he's making a living doing this, but to people like me that aren't in the best financial place, it just kinda sucked. anyway, I saw that you were in a Canada trust, do you live in Canada? and if so, which province?

  4. Kairo brazy says:

    What mortial arts are you training? Your technique once helped me how to defend my self against a taller person, im really fast and got strong legs so thats a plus with defending my self! Thank you for doing this for us and hope you reply

  5. Anthony Quintiliani says:

    Nick, once again excellent video. Have you considered incorporating some of Fairbairn's technical methods from ww 2? His methods are very adaptable to a multiplicity of combatives situations and can easily be blended into other martial arts. You will probably find them effective, practical, and highly efficient. Keep up the teaching as people are continually in need of good self defense preparation.

  6. Jim Giant says:

    Pretty solid advice, I would try to talk my way out of it first however (whilst keeping an eye out for sudden movements). 

    I made a video talking about this a while ago. Running away is your best option if possible but often it's not and too many people treat running away as the be all and end all against a knife which is ludicrous.

    Self defence is there to help you in the worst possible scenarios and thugs are MORE likely to attack you when running isn't an option than when it is. Whenever I've been attacked I've either had a foot injury, carrying a heavy backpack or I've been in a confined space.

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