Run, Hide, Fight: Armed Intruder Training for Schools

Learn about what to do if an armed intruder enters your school building.

37 thoughts on “Run, Hide, Fight: Armed Intruder Training for Schools

  1. LZ831 _ says:

    Well if your home schooled and you have like four rooms that contains the living room and they have little groups they have an intruder outside they will have to lock the apartment or house

  2. Emily Collins says:

    wow if I was in a situation like this I would freak out and just jump da fuck out da window and get the others to jump out with me! and if not that that I'll get out my real knife hidden in my locker and use it on dat dumbass killer (i only have a pocket knife cause I'm ALLWAYS prepared

  3. NickReacts ! says:

    In are school, it goes like this. If the intruder is inside, run outside, run far away to a house, stay in groups. If the intruder is outside, we get are have are phones to record him, block doors with stuff. If hes inside are class, we can stab them with pencils, throw chairs, pretty much anything.

  4. Paulina Medina says:

    Okay if there was a school shooting this is the stuff I will use to kill the person or hurt or other


    •give him/her snickers
    •if he or she is white then give them Starbucks

    •eat my tacos
    •fight bc AM a Mexican girl
    •use my freaking point shoes (dance shoes) and hit them in the faceeee
    •take pics like ayyyyye
    •make a musically
    •get a pocket kife
    •throw the Asian kid at him bc he knows how to fight

    •last put on head phones and whatch some Netflix like a boss

    If I'm still alive I be like eh it happens and go to dance class

  5. BAT MAN says:

    No one thinks about how future shooters can exploit this and work through the contingencies. Get up behind one of the shooters, disarm him then perform a blood choke and grab his gun. That way if his companion(s) show up you can fire at the legs. I'm just saying, Injure a few to save a whole school or do nothing when you could've.

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