Rules in a Street Fight

There are no rules in a street fight! If someone approaches you and wants to pick a fight with you, it does not matter if he came first, you should prepare yourself …

22 thoughts on “Rules in a Street Fight

  1. vivi44 says:

    Street fights are to the death. There are no rules. Anything goes, from weapons to multiple attackers. I am glad someone understands this. To many times when someone is winning people convince them to lay off and when there back is turned they attack you. You finish your opponent always.

  2. preparetodefend says:

    Hi Nick I think a lot of people misunderstand what assault is and it's not necessarily the first punch or attack. Someone mouthing off threatening violence toward you is a verbal assault… if an attacker even so much as puts a hand on you whether its a shove grab etc i'd still classify that a physical assault

  3. Bathrobe Battousai says:

    My daddy always told me when I was a kid, " There ain't no such thing as a fair fight. Kick em in the nuts, punch em in the throat, hit em with a hammer if you got to get dirty. carry a knife and a gun. But remember boy… There ain't no such thing as a fair fight."
    We're from Texas… Hence the grammar as well as viciousness.

  4. Luis Cardenas Jr. says:

    it doesn't matter how you fight or what martial art you use, guys, don't you see, lives are on the line. so stop hatin' and leaving hateful comments. no matter how hard someone trains, they're going to get killed. combat is unpredictable. but still these are your lives here and mine so do what you want to do.

  5. Steven Skelly says:

    "Martial arts is useless, there is no rules in the street"…

    Is something I hear often and it really irks me.

    When you compete yes, you have rules based on the promotion…

    However in the street there are no rules.. However…

    There's no more rules for me as there would be for him… Only I go to the gym 1-2 hours a day learning how to throw a punch with power and accuracy, learning how to avoid getting punched, how to take pain… Sparring to put it into practice and keep my composure during a fight…

    My body is conditioned to take blows and I'm probably in much greater shape…

    Yet "Martial arts is useless" boy thinks his one advantage is "No rules"?

    Even if I did follow "Rules" I'm still more likely to out punch the guy and probably kick the shit out of him….

    This is like saying "I'm going to run over there and deck Mike Tyson because… NO RULES!!!"

    The way I see it, as long as the martial art in question is being taught to you with some degree of aliveness. Regardless of what it is, MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing… What ever it is. If you've trained in it seriously, with plenty of sparring and a sense of practicality. You're going to have the ability and reflexes to defend yourself against some random trouble causer in the street. You're going to out punch him, out kick him and probably able to subdue him pretty fast.

    While I don't want to underestimate people. Your common trouble causing twat bag is pretty much that guy on his first day a the gym… Only he's a total cocky prick that's trying to deck you and there's no instructor or Class rules stopping you from curb stomping the arse out of him.

  6. Dennis Karingithi says:

    Absolutely true! If you feel intimidated and you're in danger, always strike first, if nothing at all at least that will give you a chance to flee! It's a street fight, if this guy is coming up to you then you can be sure he means to go all the way. Awesome advice!

  7. miranAElunes says:

    I know that you have to stop the fist fight before it even happens, with a unexpected decisive blow. But would the "first punch" rule be outweighed by the intent of the aggressor? (In terms of defending yourself in court or the police at the scene.) I mean whether there are witnesses or not, they will say that you(the defender) punched first and knocked him out, and saying the aggressor was harassing or bad mouthing you into a fight.

  8. Kenny Susanto says:

    Yes I agree completely! In a street fights, if you fail to diffuse the situation, it's either you going down, or them. And I'd definitely take preemptive actions to take him down. Great video Nick! Keep it up!

  9. LostMind says:

    I could not agree more, there are no rules if you are jumped or mugged out of nowhere, but in a situation where the fight has been "organized" so-to-speak, if you kick the shit out of a guy while he's on the ground or go for the balls, you are very likely to get jumped by onlookers, the guy you are fighting may have no sense of decency, but a lot of people out there (possibly his friends looking on) see that he was a douche, he started the fight for no reason, and will let it go in a 1v1 situation even if their mate loses, but the moment you start laying into him in a dirty fashion, I can almost guarantee they will jump in and destroy your shit. But all that said, I agree whole heartily with the vid, strike first, always.

  10. Matthew wa says:

    No rules in the street i believe in self defence and sometimes to defend yourself you must attack with everything you have got we've all got something to live for respect everybody and the capabilities but never fear them

  11. Darth Benevolent says:

    Very good video. I've been lucky and haven't been in many fights, although I've broken a few up.
    Personally I keep my distance, if the aggressor insists on closing that distance, I take that as an attack on my personal space… Tend to keep that space clear… 😉

  12. Rick Katana says:

    Great reminder and wake up call on the reality of street fight dynamics, and the importance of a prepared mind-set to action in the face of unknown attackers and their intentions–do they want to play or kill? There's no time to know.

  13. Jonny Thunder says:

    Great video and advice Nick….Just a question for you. We know there are many options to preemptive or counter strike depending on how the situation presents – you cover a stack of these options in your videos.
    In a situation where you were surprised by an attacker what would be YOUR automatic go to strike.?
    Thanks and kind thoughts from Sydney Australia…..

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