Royal Marines Unarmed Combat CQC



A Demonstration of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) from the Royal Marines Commando recruitment team at Kingston Maurward College, Wednesday 4th October …

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  1. Tom Southwell says:

    At end of the day we have a bit of an unarmed combat display for you, they do throw each other around quite a bit and they do hit each other quite hard, but they do get quite excited when they are on the mat. So the louder you guys are more excited these lads will get and the harder they hit each other. Throw any banter, if you want to throw some banter at them and as well feel free, just shout whether you want.

    So as I said they liked a nice loud crowd, so let's see how loud you can get. let's have a big cheer for the Royal Marines recruitment team.

    During Royal Marines training, the troop receives 18 periods of close quarter combat, this is due to the nature of our job. In certain situations a Royal Marine may find himself toe to toe with the enemy, where the use of a weapon is not not an option, if this happens Royal Marines must know how to protect themselves and bring enemy down. Here are a few defences you can use, disables, grabs and holds.

    First the two footed attack,

    Come on the Hugibear lets go come on,

    Next up, the flying arm block,

    Next, the outside release,

    If held from the rear, the shoulder throw

    And finally, the grape grip and monkey climb.

    Let’s have a nice big cheer there.

    Unarmed combat is also used to capture and detain high value targets, a Royal Marine may have to also use the skills to control a hostile crowd either abroad or in this country.

    First against the kick, the shin check and knee,

    Come on the Shrek

    Next, the leg catch and chest drive,

    Stop being beefed Josh

    This time the hip toss

    And finally, against the kick, the X block and kick.

    Let’s have a nice big cheer for them there.

    All the skills and techniques taught to the Royal Marine must be regularly practised so they come as second nature when confronted by an attacker, next thing you will see is a series of techniques including sweeps, blocks and chokes.

    First, the leg sweep,

    Straight into the head and arm take down,

    Next up, the anaconda

    And finally, the rear neck hold.

    A nice big cheer there

    There will be times when a Royal Marine is confronted at close range by an attacker with a weapon, this could be a knife, pistol or batten, a Royal Marine must act quickly and instinctively, here are a phew defences and disarming techniques he could use.

    First against the pistol, disarm and throw,

    Next against the knife, return to sender,

    Against the tapered club, the leg sweep and chest drive,

    Against the bat, two footed attack

    Excuse me mate are you having fun?

    And finally against the pistol, disarm and blow

    Let’s have a nice big cheer there guys

    During an operation, Royal Marines may have to dispatch a century in order to gain access to a guarded area, this will involve disarming and snatching him from his post, this must be done as silently as possible.

    First, the leg drag,

    Next up, we have the rope

    And now, Japanese headlock,

    Go on mate, I’m not doing it you are.

    Lads you might want to look away for this one, it’s called the kick and grab

    And finally, we’ve got the centuries favourite, disarm and blow to the stomach

    Should I hit him, yeah.

    Let’s have a nice big cheer for the guys there.

    Now as the finale, one Royal Marine who has a variety of skills and techniques, to defend himself against a multiple amount of attackers.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you king of the mat.

    Come on then shortie

    Come on Shrek

    Get off my swamp

    Your hair looks very microphone like

    That takes me back to rugby league

    Nice size 12 to the grid

    Come on then buddy

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Royal Marines recruitment team.

  2. Harrison Ingram says:

    Guys, it’s a demonstration. The reason why the optent is cooperating is because they aren’t really throwing each other/hitting each other hard, because it’s a fucking demo. If someone was really running at them with a knife using them moves with full force would knock the shit out of someone. But they aren’t there to kill each other they are there to demonstrate how you would if you were using proper force in a situation. So yh. For those of you chatting complete shit about the RM too the day you can pass through training is the day you can chat all the shit you want.

  3. Tomi says:

    This is a joke. Why did they act like they felt pain ,the opponents were super cooperative. It's pure larping. Royal Marines Commando recruitment ?? Fucking what ? XD

  4. TheHypernaught says:

    Some of those moves are idiotic. I get it it is for a display, but please don't tell me that fucking two-footed kick at the start is a legit move? Learn Muay Thai, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. That is all you need.

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