Royal Marines hand to hand combat



Hand to hand combat – or “unarmed combat” as it is know in the Royal Marines – is an essential skill. This demonstration took place on Woodbury Common near …

29 thoughts on “Royal Marines hand to hand combat

  1. Nerd of God says:

    I'm guessing these are for more advanced royal marines. I know that US Marines move up through a ranking system, until they can master more of the ninjutsu aspects of mixed martial arts. I saw a lot of Juno, Ninjitsu, and some kickboxing moves in this routine. Anyway, well done Royal Marines.
    I'm too soggy to say much of anything now days, I've let myself go a little since I've been out.

  2. Kyu Ryu says:

    not that moves are hard i think its the willingness to use it in face to face combat where one mistake can kill u…thats what crazy…without back down to no one

  3. Jrw says:

    People need to realise these are choreographed but if you understand fighting you’ll see some grappling elements taken from jiu jitsu and wrestling

  4. northernpike13 says:

    Much respect to the Royal Marines.
    This video however is embarrassing. I completely understand the difference between a demo and sparring not to mention the reality of combat but a lot of the techniques in this video are old-school showy flashy garbage. First of all throw some kit on. 40-70lbs of armour and ammo will eliminate the jumping flying moves. Second lets see some more Kali, Thai, Silat and techniques that the rest of the world's Armys are using (there might have been a little here and there ill admit). There is a reason the world's security forces (Police and Military) have all independently gravitated towards a similar approach to edged and impact weapon training.

  5. Andersen Kilgore says:

    Yes some of it was good others were bs prime example the leaping choke where he put his legs on the guys shoulders and choked him that was very set up and is highley unlikely and not worth the effort in a real combat scenario.

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