Royal Marine Commandos- HAND TO HAND COMBAT

Hand to hand combat, at royal armed forces day, Falmouth 2013 If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe.

45 thoughts on “Royal Marine Commandos- HAND TO HAND COMBAT

  1. O Slack says:

    Why the hell are people making a big protest against US military and British Royal Military. They both work together and are like brothers. If there was to be a protest, I personally (being British) say that US may have better equipment but British military is better trained and smarter but this is just my opinion. The main point is that Britain and America are really good friends so no need to hassle.

  2. Sweeneytv says:

    Demonstration. Is what this is. So the intent is not to kill. Almost all of these moves could kill or seriously injure someone. So yeah. This is pretty damn bad ass. But oh man…..the ball hits were knarly

  3. Flying Squirrel says:

    i want to join the airforce as a pilot but i dont like the thought of killing someone becuse theresa may the dirty feminist goverment got told she cant run through the wheat fields any suggestions

    i wouldnt mind fighting for trump or putin but in not russian or american so i cant ;(

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