Round Kick Defense – Krav Maga Technique : What Broke Anderson Silva’s Leg – KMW Krav Maga

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10 thoughts on “Round Kick Defense – Krav Maga Technique : What Broke Anderson Silva’s Leg – KMW Krav Maga

  1. Lopez Bunch says:

    ok … people like this guy try and breakdown why Silva broke his leg and how your suppose to only kick with certain parts and block with certain parts of the shin well to ALL you rookies instead of watching videos like this watch Muay Thai Fights and training videos with Thai trainers they bang their shins in these EXACT same spots and never break their legs…………….. 99% of the time shin breaks are flukes nothing more

  2. Danny says:

    Another technique he is using but not mentioning in this video is a subtle but powerful shove back into the opponent's leg after the initial blow. This can SERIOUSLY unbalance an opposer (Especially an inexperienced one) because it pushes their leg slightly out of the position they may have intended and can leave them completely open for a counter attack.

  3. Jason Hunter says:

    This is like the worst I've seen. Seriously, any martial artist will know that this is completely wrong. How the hell can you come to such a conclusion. This is syllable in krav maga?;)

  4. jonathan calleja says:

    keeping your leg flexed to check leg kicks is a bad idea. As anyone would probably know we ha small muscles between the tibia and the fibula, these are the same muscles which are injured when we get shin split. By flexing your leg you are shortening the muscle belly of these flexor muscles, and as some one kick you what will happen is these muscles will basically get sandwiched between your own shin bone and your opponent's bone. This is why muay thai practitioners typically check kicks with their foot at the extended position, so that the muscle belly of these small muscles remains hidden between the tibia and fibula.

  5. Antony Martial says:

    i do muay thai and krav maga and i think that this technique is wrong…first of all, anderson silva was injured because he hasn't turned his body well and didn't give the shot with his leg shot as you should do, and also because weidman raised his leg and turned his body and silva's leg hit just below his knee where the bone is thick ….this technique is wrong because in this way there is a strong risk of getting a shinbone shot in the knee and and breake it, or even strike shinbone against shinbone do really hurt…not good

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