Rope Dart Master Goes Crazy | Tom Fazio

This is a martial arts soft weapons demonstration with peak performance trainer Tom Fazio. It contains some of the best martial arts techniques and moves found in traditional rope dart and…

20 thoughts on “Rope Dart Master Goes Crazy | Tom Fazio

  1. Zachary Hagan says:

    I think the video would be more impressive if slow motion was not used, and the demonstration a bit longer. this video is cool, and the guy is talented, I don't want to take away from that. sometimes the "real time" action and events are better than the slow-mo "Hollywood" style shots.

  2. chase says:

    How is that a weapon? There's way to many options for opposition attack while he's screwing around spinning it.
    A sharp knife cuts the sash easily.
    Not seeing a threat. Just a twirly skill.

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