21 thoughts on “Ron Meekins Bando Kukri Master

  1. Steven Albright says:

    He was a great man who always respected our veterans trained often and helped me with my homework on occasion as I was growing up. A great roll model as my son bears his middle name and I thank him for all the time he invested in me as I grew into a man.

  2. Phil Hand says:

    Les Meekins, it is totally obvious that your brother knew what he was doing. I've known a few masters of a few different styles of martial arts and I've found that it's usually the ones you least expect that are the ones who are the most dangerous. I give much respect to anyone who uses a blade in combat. Anyone can pull a trigger, but it takes a true warrior to take on an enemy with only a blade. It's for that reason that I have so much respect for the Gurkha soldiers. They go into combat "often with only their Kukri" and emerge victorious. I've read stories of Gurkha soldiers sneaking into enemy camps at night armed only with their kukri and taking out an entire camp or just a couple people to let the enemy know who they're dealing with and sneaking out undetected.
    With that said, much respect to your brother, you're nephew Robert and yourself.

  3. Jedi Mike says:

    To just speak of the technique, I think it would be easy to miss the point a little. It isn't a block, it's an entry. Kukri needs to get "in" during the swing and check the blade as far up the staff as he can to shorten the lever. The student here starts out treating it like a static block but you can see he quickly learns that he needs to get in fast and starts moving up the staff closer and closer.

    Personally, I don;t like any of those classical blocks where your wrist is higher than your sword (or rattan or whatever).  Feels weak, esp if someone is baseball swinging with a staff or club. I always feel like the blade would get knocked out of my hand.

    One thing to note though is that upside down block  means your kukri doesn't wind up stick in the other guy's staff like a hatchet in a hickory tree. Probably a pretty important distinction if your kukri is all you have.

  4. Les Meekins says:

    This is the brother of that fat ass ! He could take your fat head off and put up your ass.Stop blowing smoke out yours till you know what you are talking about ! If he were still alive and said that to his face,you wouldn't have a face left !

  5. Bob Maxwell says:

    Your comments are completely out of line and hurtful. They are also directed toward a very good and talented human being who is no longer with us and cannot defend himself to the likes of you. You may very well be the "queen" Mary.

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