Rod Hughes – Fighting with a seax in the shield wall



Rod Hughes – Bladesmith shows a recreation of the Oliver’s Battery Seax and describes the carnage of fighting with a seax in a shield wall.

8 thoughts on “Rod Hughes – Fighting with a seax in the shield wall

  1. Ethan C says:

    I’m at university for engineering, a reader of Anglo-Saxon history, a casting hobbyist, and have a particular interest in swords. Too bad I’m in the US rather than the U.K., I think I would very much enjoy meeting you!

    Beautiful work and fantastic shop & projects. I hope to see another video from you in the future!

  2. Permire Fabrica says:

    I got here from Alecs channel as well yesterday, and got extremely impressed of your work and knowledge with ancient tools and technology. It would be really pleasant to see you working in further videos, since I’m really interested in ancient technology of working.

    At the moment I'm building a charcoal forge at myself for beginning to learn in blacksmithing. If you have any tips for beginners it would be very pleasant to learn from you as good as it is possible via the internet.

    Thank you and I hope to see you soon

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