6 thoughts on “Road Rage Street Scenario

  1. Lion says:

    I love it, can you believe at the time of me typing up this comment that this video has 107 likes & no dislikes? I know it won't stay that way but still cool for the time being. (Aug 17,2016)

  2. MDAC1012 says:

    In this scenario you should have hit him while he was taking his shirt off. Laws differ depending where you live, in New York once he threw his hat at you and hit you and then continued forward yelling, he has harassed you and you would be justified in defending yourself. You would have to of course articulate to police what had happened and how you feared for your safety.

  3. Ludwig Johansson says:

    good stuff nick, this is what self defense is all about, just small tips and tactics to do what you can do to survive, not like "let him strike and dodge it, then do a flying kick to his temple" stuff like that dont work. But this is what works!

  4. christinbichle le says:

    it happen to me yestureday that guys say i cant take it like a joke he was all up on me he was yelling so loud  everybody start opening there i was scare the guys right in my face yelling on top of his lungs he said do you think this a joke he throw papper at me that part i want to punch him in the noses but i cant he is a big fat teacher yelling like a bitch i elbow him to push him back i remember what you said put your hands up i told him to clam down while he talk smack real loud then i move back beacause he was about hit but then he went to his room cause the manger told him i got real mad cause i yell out but over a little wrong answer comon what wrong with that i really i want to hit him really hard i cant i may go to juvenile center and he may beat me up i have a heart that i use dirty skill like nick teach me

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