Road Rage Defense – Guy with Crowbar



In this video we cover an interesting self-defense topic: Road Rage. This phenomenon has been increasing rapidly over the past years. There are more car …

46 thoughts on “Road Rage Defense – Guy with Crowbar

  1. Mr Man says:

    Im from Pakistan, and I had two incidents of road rage today.

    First one, I had to go through this narrow over crowded road, and I stopped the car to give way to another car, which wanted to cross the road. A Riksha driver started to hit my car door, saying something, I just ignored him, and moved on.

    Another when I stopped the car at the crossing right when the signal was at 1 second and turned red, and this car came from my left, and the guy opened his car door, said something, and went back in.

    Also few vehicles infront of me then broke the crossing signal, and moved their cars ahead when the signal was red…

    So I searched how to deal with road ragers on youtube, and I found out that things can get pretty messy.

    I am a bit shaken and confused.

    God protect me .

    Edit: You know if driving safely and giving way to people, is something that would enrage some drivers, then I would try not to let that deter me from doing so. I hope I am successful in this. Ameen.

  2. The Zombie Squad says:

    might sound silly but id be just as weary of my car getting damaged as much as myself as well. so yeah I'd prob rather get out and de escalate the situation or drive off of course. I have a car lock in my car would be a great weapon only I wouldn't want to kill the guy haha.

  3. TurboPikachuX says:

    These are very good ways to defend yourself from a road rager. But what would I do? Without any delay, the first thing a road rager will see through my window when he approaches my car is the barrel of a gun.

  4. Matt18 says:

    Your videos are awesome man. Totally believe in and live spatial awareness, brain and then finally brawn. Saved me many times. Subscribed and working through all your vids. Keep up the great the work. You present and educate very coherently. Subscribed from the UK

  5. Karl Convey says:

    Your Right Nick. Road Rage its nothing personal. They don't know us we don't know them. Your car can always take a better beating with a Baseball bat/tire iron than we ever can.And your car is your best fence.Drive off. Lock the doors. stay in it.I always have a drill of always locking my doors as soon as i get in. Not PARONIA just a good drill/habbit to get into. Peace.

  6. Harrison Richter says:

    @***** Great video as always- better though, than a snow broom, is an ice scraper. It tears through flesh easily and isn't considered a weapon in most cases- a tip I got from a homeland security officer of 15+ years

  7. Toni Price says:

    I am one hateful bitch and it don't much to piss me OFF and the size of anybody don't mean shit to BUT…however I know when to put my ego aside to avoid a jail sentence..or a possible ironic outcome that may not be in my favor so Nick I'm choosing wisely to listen to you.

  8. P.tridentT150. Mangin says:

    hey Nick,,you"re one of the best martial art instructors,going thru Youtube,google,where-ever,,common-sense,straight-talking ,no BS,good defence,on all your video's  KEEP EM ,COMING MATE,, cheers frm new zealand.

  9. SomeBodyIUsedToKnow says:

    Great video. I got trapped between 2 cars about 10 years ago and one of the guys broke my window with a bat. Long story short, i followed all of these tips and ended up with a broken hand and dislocated shoulder. Could have been much worse. Listen to Nick's tips and don't try to be a tough guy.

  10. Nobody says:

    This made me think about of that two and half men episode where charlie, jake, and alan are in the car and they stop because a buff guy wouldn't drive his car forward even though it was green light… Yeah, so basically Alan and Charlie were gonna fight him, but Charlie went back into his car and alan got rekt xD

  11. SportTalk says:

    The simplest reactions are the always the most effective in high stress situations like these. Your natural instinct..gut reaction would be to get out of the car especially if you were with someone, e.g pride, ego, adrenaline, kicking in…etc.but you should always assume, treat the aggressor as being armed, so staying put in the vehicle is always the best and safest method. Most definitely if you cannot high tail it out of there of course! my former Krav Maga instructor always said that too…even when confronted with a weapon out in the open…get out..away from them..if and whilst you still can. Good video! 🙂

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