Righteous Anger – Why I “BASH” Traditional MA (Facebook Live) P1

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14 thoughts on “Righteous Anger – Why I “BASH” Traditional MA (Facebook Live) P1

  1. Jessie Kim says:

    People say what they say because you are ignorant of martial arts. Instead of saying traditional martial arts is not useful how about sayin all martial arts have their real life applications and then they have their traditions. I've seen mma fighters get torn up by traditionally trained practitioners all the time. Again, you don't need to be ignorant of the fact that all martial arts have real life applications. There's a reason why it's been around for so long. I do agree that there are a lot of gyms that are garbage and don't know how to actually teach, but I think that's what you need to reiterate. Not the arts themselves, not the traditions and disciplines that come from traditional martial arts. How about you bash on teaching styles instead of the arts themselves? Every martial art has been used in real life application in mma in some form or another. So to say traditional martial arts is not realistic is ignorant. The best fighters in mma have experience in ONLY traditional martial arts. But you know what mma training doesn't teach? Discipline, respect, self control. There's so much more to traditional martial arts than just the practical applications. My number one advice to you is not to call people ignorant when you're being more ignorant than they are. Don't undermine traditional marts just because it's not always practical applications. There's so much more to it than learning self defense.

  2. HsinHao Wang says:

    Why you think forms don't work: You use TKD, a watering down of an already watered down style. You literally have no clue what the movements are for; neither did your teachers.
    And many forms in TKD were created without intent or purpose other than being different to differentiate themselves from Karate, on top of the fabricated history.

    Kata are suppose to be tutorials. That's it. Japan uses Kata for everything, even tea ceremonies. Most are rather useless, yes, but when formed with intent, and practiced and transferred with intent, they have some merit. Like Ashihara and Enshin– both have their kata set up as a collection of shadow boxing techniques. Seems silly to clump shadow boxing together like an alphabet, but some see it as useful for memorization and curriculum order.

    As for your rank with the Kukkikwon; your teacher must have been a money grubbing dick, or a lazy ass. And, again, on the fact you practice Kukkikwon: you practice an Olympic sport, not a martial art.

  3. Michael James says:

    to the author, have you ever been in a real fight? if so, how many? did you win? did it get broken up right away or did it go to the finish?. if no to the above, do at least compete in amateur MMA competitions?

  4. truejim says:

    I think you still misunderstand people's criticism of your videos. If you don't like cooking, don't take a cooking class — but bashing cooking classes is pointless. If you don't like ballet, don't take ballet classes — but bashing ballet classes is pointless. If you don't like traditional martial arts, then don't practice martial arts — bashing traditional martial arts is pointless. The people who practice traditional martial arts clearly aren't looking for what you're looking for. There's nothing righteous about bashing things that other people enjoy.

  5. Pugglen says:

    3:40 Are you saying forms are an ineffective way of training? What I'm hearing is that you think there is a major difference between the following;

    "Okay, you know this kata and now that the moves are ingrained in you, you will be able to do it instinctually and all the muscles needed for this technique are already developed, here's the application in the kata that teaches you how to defend yourself from a roundhouse. Go do this one technique in the kata 100 times in the mirror"


    "Here, let me teach you how to defend a roundhouse kick, now go practice it 100 times in the mirror.

  6. db124760 says:

    Hello who cares what people say man. Because if i cared about what people say about me i would not be a mixed fighter. Because i would be fooled by People's bullshit.

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