Richard Marsden’s seminar on longsword techniques from Fiore dei Liberi

Held at the Blood & Iron martial arts school in New Westminster, BC, Canada, on the 18th of July 2015. This was an introduction to Medieval Italian sword …

37 thoughts on “Richard Marsden’s seminar on longsword techniques from Fiore dei Liberi

  1. Zaza Zu says:

    if these techniques would be actual functional techniques we would be seeing them performed in competitive tournaments, yet they are not, they are just fancy movies like Wing Chun moves

  2. Specter 04 says:

    I like how fat couch potatoes who has never had prior experience of kenjutsu/HEMA etc , and has over 40% body fat comment about how these techniques would 'not work'.The instructors spent atleast 1/4 of their life scrutinizing these techniques and learning .Brute force and speed is major factor , but if there is no technique applied , the fast- strong fighter would almost always be defeated by the skilled opponent who applies techniques. There are several techniques in judo/karate or some asian martial art that allows you to use your opponent's weight against them , overthrow them on their feet., even when the opponent is twice as heavy as you.But then again a skilled opponent would be able to counter that , and yet again if you are skilled enough, you'd be able to counter his counter. Lastly , it is easy to say you're gonna twist/drag the blade when your opponent is grabbing it , but the fact is they'd pull that technique of within mere seconds , and they'll grab the sword at points where you'll mostly likely not be able to maneuver it . But then again , there is a counter for these techniques , which is why they practice.

  3. Coolnicknameguy says:

    I just finally after years of interest took my 1st hema class and realized Im going to have to work really hard at learning even the basics because Im right handed but skate and surf goofy foot and box south paw making everything like 40 times harder for me to learn then everyone else there. My brain keeps making me want to do everything backwards 🙁     Foot work, guards everything feels so odd to me and its a real struggle just to stand right and hold the sword but Im not gonna give up.

  4. Corey Reynolds says:

    Hey Skallagrim, I have a question: Do you know if they have any of this in the NE section of the US? I cant seem to find one. Also, how much does a training seminar from Richard (or any of them) cost?

  5. That Guy says:

    It's so weird. I know the whole grap the sword techniques are a thing, but it feels like a strong pull or push from the opponent should be able to cut you open easily.

  6. TheNukedGamer says:

    maby its just me,but some of those seem extreamly inpractical woth hoe much time and movements it takes to complete them,like winding your arm around the the blade and grabing the gurad?whats to stop them from.jerking the blade back ect

  7. Audun Nilsen says:

    hmm in a lot of these i was thinking why did he not show that he could headbutt as a counter. (I might be totaly wrong but to me it looked like a good option.) ((and yes i show no honor I am a viking from the north))

  8. DPB says:

    I enjoy richards teachings. Even in these short videos he's very articulate in the way he explains the technique but yet keeps it simple at the same time

  9. Regal Render says:

    I"m so fucking tired of these fucking morons saying their stupid "this wouldn't work irl" bullshit.


    Fiore killed a lot of people in his life with real swords. Your little armchair theorizing does not beat the actual master and his teachings.

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