Review: Is the Cold Steel Master Hunter the best knife for deer hunters?



The name says it all Cold Steel “Master Hunter.” If you are looking for a knife that can do it all when hunting deer and/or elk, take a look at the Master Hunter.

20 thoughts on “Review: Is the Cold Steel Master Hunter the best knife for deer hunters?

  1. sniperhat1 says:

    I carried an original srk in carbon v for a dozen years in the military and it's still one of my favorites. It's one knife i will never get rid of. I have around 100 or so knives of mixed sizes and prices and my srk is mine till death.

  2. Adrian Otero says:

    I had a knife like your buddy's has…..the one in the middle with the upturned blade and wood handle……i think it's called a Canadian belt knife…..loved the blade but was very slippery when wet and bloodied……had a leather sheath….if not mistaken it was a Victorinox…..but can't be sure it was a gift…..

  3. Kipper White says:

    TY Wud LuV 2 have A CS M/hunter sadly I'm a DAV & use the Mora GI issue i've had 4 20+ yrs blade is a lil thin & rusty but gits it done OK used a Tanto cold steel as a GI but left it w/Bud on my boat crew still had 6 months as I left they R a wonderful blade live long nuff will gitta nother one hopefully !?? 😉

  4. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Say Heah, Yeah, I don't hunt anymore, well I still enjoy going out to do alittle bird hunting, more to just watch the dogs do their magnificent job of pointing, Since I don't have a dog anymore, I don't hunt. But I do enjoy going out for a hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato, It just doesn't get any better. So my knives are a bit different than what a hunter may use. I like my knives to be around a 6" blsde, robust and sharp, I like a knife also that could work wood good, so I multi carry, But yeah, I love my CarbonV S.R.K, But I also got one in the San Mai 3 and it's nowhere near as tough as my CarbonV, it has a much thinner tip and I doubt very much it would hold up as well in a survival situation, Although it's a beauty, I don't think it's as tough. But I think the Master Hunter is a great knife design for both Hunters and Bush Crafters, Yeah, mine is in the San Mai 3 and I will be getting it in the 3V too. If I'm not mistaking, Ethan Becker might of had some imput in the design of it, If not he does think it's also a good one. Yeah, it sort of reminds me of a poormans Fallkniven knife, which is a little better made, but more expensive, is it worth it, that depends, I really like mine and only have the A-1, Yeah, good review, and good job, and your right the Master Hunter defenetly is a good one that I would recommand to everyone, I also would like to Wish you a Happy New Year.

  5. James Ritchie says:

    An Old Hickory butcher knife can do everything, and I mean everything, you need for deer, elk, moose, or bushcraft, and it costs the bucks.   There's so much crap out there about knives that it's unbelievable.   For slicing or skiing, nothing is better than a real BUTCHER knife.   You also can't do any number of small tasks with a knife that size, so also carry a Stockman style pocket knife, like real experts have for a couple of hundred years.

    Batoning with a case knife is a stunt, and a poor one.  

  6. nutmegger1957 says:

    I've really struggled with this particular issue.  I finally settled on a fixed blade knife that I like, and yet I also keep a Buck 110 on my belt (perhaps it's just a "guy" thing, I dunno).
    Settling on a knife long term, will be typically determined by: Did the knife blade break?  Did it hold its edge?  Was it the right size for the job?

  7. The Meat Trapper says:

    Good summary. I have a Master Hunter and have used it for years. It's not the best hunting knife I have, and it's not the best bushcraft knife I have, but it's does accomplish both tasks well. I would have no problem using it as my only knife. It's also easy to sharpen, which is important. 

  8. Survival Common Sense says:

    My SRK has the old style sheath and it has worked very well. The newer SRK and Master Hunter sheaths are basically the same, and IMO better. They both have an adjustable belt loop, and a quick release snap that is really handy.

  9. EOSGuru says:

    what are your thoughts on the TOPS Fieldcraft knife? Similar in size to the MH and great simple, reliable carbon steel. Appears grind on this knife would be useful in removing meat off of bone by "sliding by bone" due to it's slight convexness.

  10. todd wilkinson says:

    really enjoy your reviews SCS,would the master hunter perform well for around camp or used as a survival knife,ofcoarse if thats what one had during an emergency i can see it would be better than no knife,just wondered how it would perform or chip being the type of steel and some comments ived read.thank you for all your work and reviews sir.take care

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