26 thoughts on “Review: Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife Trainer

  1. SonOfASpudgy says:

    +scholagladiatoria The material this training knife is made from is Santoprene which is officially known as a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), part of the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family of polymers. It combines the qualities of a vulcanized rubber, which is a natural rubber that has been cooked with sulphur to increase it's durability and found predominantly in car tyres, with those of a thermoplastic, a more pliable and flexible plastic that can be found in many everyday items, from children's toys to Tupperware lunch boxes.

  2. Jabun The Wanderer says:

    I'm not a fan of the guard on this thing.  I know a bigger guard would be floppy, but this is a trainer, and most of the bowies I've seen have a wider guard (perpendicular to the blade edge) than that one, even the 4 and 3/4 of an inch bowie I own.  it's small, but it's more made for camping than actual combat, though it could still be used for that.

  3. floppykid says:

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always thought of (lethal) knife fighting as a rather clumsy and brutal type of fighting. Lots of grappling, stabbings and blood.
    Something that comes down to doggedness, strength, toughness and the lethality of the initial blows.

  4. Dies1r4e says:

    Schola, drill a hole down the blade, insert a weighted metal X  (fishing weight balls, steel rod, whatever) for weight, heat the remaining material you got from the hole up,  use it to blunt/build up the tip, problems solved (if you have a musket shot cast it would work well for the shaping, or just let cool slightly till its malleable and mold on manually) 

  5. MrBsct says:

    Can you do a video on the Napoleonic Cuiraseer sabre? I noticed most of your sabre videos are on the curved sabre used by light cavalry, I want to learn more about the straight bladed sabre used by heavy cavlarly.

  6. NeflewitzInc says:

    It's amazing how erratic Cold Steel can be. I wouldn't recommend any of their training swords but their Tomahawk Trench Trainer and their knives can actually be really good, as well as their buckler being decent for the price you can get off amazon.

  7. Michael Lorimer George says:

    Yes they are great ways to train in a safe way sparring etc if you have the CS live version.

    Best sparring knife for sparring that will give you feed back is the No Lie training blade.

    You talked about knife v sword,
    Sword will win for sure with correct technique and understanding of range and dynamic footwork.

  8. cerg says:

    I have a Cold Steel Peacekeeper trainer and it's crap. The blade is bowed out to the side just from keeping it in a vest for airsoft (it's just used as a prop or a "tap" weapon to call people out if you sneak on them). They would do better with an internal steel spine. YMMV

  9. Sifuben says:

    I've recently started using EVA foam training knives and I've been pleasantly surprised by how good they are. They're very stiff and you can feel the impact from them but their lack of density makes them fairly non injurious. I'm only using them for short dagger work though, the lack of mass would likely be an issue for longer blades.

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