Reverse Striking Angles – Kali Sword and Stick Fighting Techniques | Arnis Eskrima



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19 thoughts on “Reverse Striking Angles – Kali Sword and Stick Fighting Techniques | Arnis Eskrima

  1. gegaoli says:

    Follow-up question. I can see the practical application of the angle 1 and 2 and reverse angles for each, but can’t visualize the application of the reverse 3 and 4 – i would assume at the corto range but just can’t find the application save maybe the reverse 4 when in corto range switching into an uppercut supporting with the other hand?

  2. John Mahutga says:

    Wow! There are so many different ways to strike with the bolo, I never thought of these. Although I will have to really focus on the reverse 2 so it doesn't become my 'Van Gogh' move. I love Kali!!!!!!

  3. Michael Rishot says:

    Great video. I'm just sitting and watching video for much of today. Movement is not the best idea. I did 4,000+ kicks yesterday during my repetitions and I am resting most of the day, enjoying content, listening to music, playing video games, and just staying off my feet, except to do the occasional simple exercises that will make my exercise hangover go away. Maybe the occasional lunge or stretch. Heavy movement might not even be an option until after 4:00.

  4. Nicky Book says:

    The reverse angles are some of my favorite tools in sparring because they can be real tricky and unexpected.

    And I agree on training the full motion of each strike, because it essentially practices both the longer and shorter strike in one go, and when you do decide to go for shorter/tighter strikes, it's much easier to do because you already practiced the harder version.

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