reverse grip knife combat sinawali

I think many people do not understand FMA and think that because it is a traditional martial art style that it is only for self-defense. But actually it is 3 dimensional, …

34 thoughts on “reverse grip knife combat sinawali

  1. wmpyr says:

    thanx bro, I originally made this vid to clarify that blade Eskrima comes from 3 sources, knife fighting (duel), self-defense (art), gangs (criminal) so in that sense it is quite a complete knife combat style. I focus on teaching art, more specifically body mechanics but I wanted to let people know that from this they can branch to other areas because we develop a solid core. Thank you for getting it 🙂

  2. Honestamericanworker says:

    Very good explanation. I like it when I look at a video and actually LEARN SOMETHING worth knowing ..particularly in a potential combat or self-defense situation. I have always NATURALLY gravitated towards this grip..and believe that as long as a person's NATURAL preference isn't a bad thing..that they are better off working from a position that seems natural to them. This video is one of your best!

  3. wmpyr says:

    it's really too bad, I think sadly people probably think it's an unrealistic scenario, but it's excellent training, and actually may not be all that unrealistic especially if you carry more than one weapon. Even if you don't I think it's a good idea to be on the look out for another weapon.

  4. KaliTherapy says:

    Another great Sinawali technique drill that is fun to play with two knives is two different grips. I like using one knife with saber grip and the other reverse grip. You can also use the reverse grip knife hand in a defensive manner, almost similar to using a small buckler shield. Great vid, by the way! I wish more FMA instructors discussed dual knife combat, it seems to me an underutilized training tool.

  5. Sakan Lam says:

    Great tutorial as always, my friend! I'm glad that you are consistently making videos, even though you are in the process of relocation. I unfortunately haven't done the same and want to pick up the tutorials again! Thumbs up bro, take care!

  6. wmpyr says:

    thanx bro, camera was really off today but what can I say I've been having a very difficult time lately and it will be this way until the move is done, can't wait to get outta here!

  7. wmpyr says:

    hey bro, like Kermabit and Karambit, I've seen it spelled both ways, I do not think that Escrima is incorrect, but I don't know for certain, I do not know the language.

  8. wmpyr says:

    thanx man, some people think that Eskrima is only for self-defense, or only for knife fighting, and that is not true, there is also a dark side to the art that was used in historical wars, modern war, and by criminals/gang members.

  9. LightAbyssion says:

    Really awesome demo man. I've been practicing the Heaven 6 with escrima sticks and it really does carry over to the training knife. I used to hit my offhand with the trainer knife when I first started, but now I don't 'cause I'm used to wielding the longer escrima stick. Now I can attack quicker with more confidence.

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