Reverse Edge Methodology (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2: Ian describes his reasons for using the Ban Tang Pikal in forward grip edge, in (FGEI) the reverse edge methodology behind knife fighting, and why it …

12 thoughts on “Reverse Edge Methodology (Part 2 of 2)

  1. ogarzabello says:

    Good luck trying to do that “hand gymnastics” (Part 1) to deploy the knife when you lose your fine motor skills during an emergency. I have been there…
    A push dagger or small fixed blade is a much better, faster, and easier to manipulate option. 
    Also, why do you favor your strong hand to deploy the knife? Use your strong hand to deploy (and defend) your FIREARM and use the knife as a backup just in case someone is fighting with you to take control over your firearm. 

  2. wcropp1 says:

    Good stuff. As much as I'd like to carry a small fixed blade, because of its various benefits, unfortunately VA has laws against concealing "dirks," "bowie knives," and "weapons of like kind"–that last part is what concerns me, as (depending on the judge) that could be a lot of things. It could be much worse–carry permits aren't too hard to get and folders are alright–it just seems crazy that I can carry a handgun and a 4" bladed folding knife, but god forbid I have a 2" fixed blade.

  3. Orthrus says:


    I haven't watched all of DRFTs youtube videos, and am just going through them. So far many videos contain great information. There's things that I agree with, nd some things that I disagree with based purely on my personal preferences, and then there's some things that I think are outright wrong and irresponsible.

    So ultimately I'm left wondering as to whether or not all DRFT instructors are really qualified on the subjects of self-defense and combat, or whether it's just some.

  4. Orthrus says:

    Personally I'm curious as to the standard of employment you guys have.

    What I've seen here non youtube has been an inconsistent level of competence. What really took me back was the Glock/1911 video, which I thought contained poorly informed firearms advice about choosing a pistol, as well as a pretty heavy flinch.

    I know that you guys have Marines, LEOs, and soldiers on your team, and I'd trust those guys implicitly. But at the same time, that inconsistency leaves me a little off-put.


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