27 thoughts on “Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

  1. dehallmo's Thunderhaus says:

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  2. DavidMarkDin says:

    I remember renting this movie on VHS back in the early 80's in Chinatown! I think Ocean Shores Video was the company (please note that Ocean Shores also put out the infamous cropped English dubbed version that you see here!) and it had the original Mandarin (and Cantonese dub, whichever you preferred) language. It was in Cinema Scope and everything was well paced!

    This English dubbed version is slower and they removed most of the mythical elements and Special FX (I admit, the FX were BAD but it gives the campy 70's feel to it). No literal reference to heavenly horse, the golden wheel, the stone wall, the enlarging mirror, thunder sky, and other things! Without those elements and FX, it just makes the movie seem like another cheap kung fu flick.

    Just think of how much worst the movie, "Riki-Oh:The Story of Ricky" would be without the X-ray punches, the warden turning into a hulk-like creature, or the over-the-top gore! The English dubbed version took out a lot of the FX and then the editing looks incoherent!

  3. David Strong says:

    On the Big Screen I almost always prefer subtitles, but for viewing on my laptop the dubbing is awesome. This is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy as a respite from some of the insipid made-for-TV movies that pass for diversion these days. Fun, fun, fun – and even inspirational.

  4. What's1514? says:

    to quote LORD RAIDEN of The !st Mortal Kombat Movie : mortal kombat is not about fightin and killin , its about stayin alive . I miss my departedLoved Ones .

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