Retired Special Forces Uses Karate for Knife Defense



Our instructor shows one self-defense option for a knife attack as well as the idea of rotating past the point of danger when held up by a gun. He is a retired …

22 thoughts on “Retired Special Forces Uses Karate for Knife Defense

  1. Bob Scott says:

    Karate has techniques for dealing with weapons but we always emphasize that if they only want your money just give it to them because nothing is 100% guaranteed to work. Only challenge a weapon if you believe they intend to harm you instead of take your money.

  2. Bajusz Pál says:

    Dear Sirs,

    My appreciation to your handling knife attacks, which, in my opinon can be performed only with body structure and muscle memory of your level.

    How about moving backward when parrying knef attack, and taking some objecte from around to decrease the probability of being stabbed?

    In my opinion, a peson with less experiences would be in a better position either to run away or surviwe this part of the attack.

    Best regards,

    Paul – age 63, former instructor of sport Karate.

  3. efraim firstater says:

    Excellent demo and drills. I'm following your videos for a while, and I'm very glad for your realistic interpretation and implementation of the techniques taken from the karate katas. I'm a Shotokan black belt, and I practiced also krav maga in my youth. It was very interesting to see the sensei using karate techniques with an approach very similar to krav maga. One practical question: I've noticed you don't try to control the aggressor knife hand at all (in the first technique against the low knife stab), while others experts explicitly go first for the knife hand. Is that a fundamental principle, or more a context dependent approach?
    Thank you!

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