Retired Navy SEAL Shares 100 Deadly Skills

Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shares a hands-on, practical survival guide adapted for civilians from actual special forces operations. Learn to elude …

39 thoughts on “Retired Navy SEAL Shares 100 Deadly Skills

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  2. RedTBH says:

    bad guy walks at me with a knife
    puts my right hand on my jacket reaching for my own knife

    Bad Guy/BG: Gimme your money!
    Me:Why dont we setttle this with a fight?
    BG:Oh you asked for it!

    strikes at my left side
    blocks it with my left hand which has a towel on it

    BG:Wait, your read the 100 Deadly Skillz book too?
    Me:Oh yeah.
    BG:So which part of the book you like the most?
    Me:For me it was the one when I can kill or defend me from someone with a ballpen.
    BG:Thats my favorite too!
    Me:Wanna get some coffee?

    walks into the nearest starbucks with a knife

  3. Rant Therapist says:

    Jesus wouldn't approve of this. Don't do anything shady in life and pray and guardian angels will protect you much better than any weapon or gun could and without killing anyone usually. Leave it in God's hands and he will deem the protection that's needed.

  4. Showwave Maharjan says:

    I think targeting the neck would be a better idea. You have to be very accurate to hit in the eye. Even in dangerous situations, the head is the first thing you protect. Also, when evading, we tend to move our head but the neck always remains rigid while attacking. So yeah, try the neck.

  5. Charles Carter says: The need is certainly to fight. Look at this organizationm the news media will not tell you about it, and they refused to look at this but i am hoping that Pat Roberson will take a look at it, they are attempting to create more violence as happened in Las Vegas, that is why the media is saying it was a lone gunman, know this, these people are terrorizing anybody that will let them right now.

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